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Best get paid to surf opportunities according to our editors: We've removed tons of programs from GetPaid4Surf. These 3 programs in our opinion are the only programs you should invest your time in right now. Sign up for Swagbucks, Fiverr, and Bing Rewards. I receive at least one cash reward per month with these programs, still. 'EDITORS' CHOICE' #1 PICK

Your Pay Out: Swag Bucks are periodically awarded to you as you search the web.
Referral Tree: 100% up to 100 Swag Bucks per referral
Information: This company was personally recommended to me by a visitor. She said she cashes in $5.00 Amazon gift certificates every week with the Swag Bucks program. Just search using, search results are provided by Google and Ask. Swag Bucks are randomly rewarded as you search. Redeem those Swag Bucks for products at the store. $5.00 gift cards run only 500 SB. Points add up fast, really fast, I've noticed. I make about $20 - $25 per month with the SwagBucks program (Dec. 2020). Still I'm receiving about $25 per month from this program.

SwagBucks is my all time favorite program thus far! It has paid me again & again.




Pay Out: Bing Rewards Earn points for searching and other actions and redeem for points.
Referral Tree: 500 points per referral
Information: Bing Rewards Program gives you opportunities to earn credits towards free rewards. Bing Rewards is an awesome program. I use the points I earn for Amazon gift cards. gift cards are only 525 points and they add up quickly. Program run by MSFT. I usually get a $5 gift card once every two months (Sep. 2017).




Pay Out: Fiverr pays $5.00+ per job completed
Referral Tree:
Information: Fiverr facilitates the buying and selling of "Gigs" online. Basically Fiverr pays you to do temporary jobs. Just create a job, post it, and watch the money flow in. For example do you have a Podcast? Sell ads on your channel with Fiverr and make a min. of $5 per order. Fiverr pays and has a great reputation. I get 1 - 5 orders a week with Fiver (Jan. 2018).



'EDITORS' Suggestions

There are many apps out there promising to make you money. I haven't listed on this site thus far because GetPaid4Surf is about true passive income, but I think this is where things are going for good so see more apps in the future.

Here is a list of promissing new apps:

Letgo - Sell items you no longer need.
(Promissing) - Earn cash back by taking pictures of your store receipts. Real money, not points.
(Promissing) - Drive a car and get paid. No explanation needed here.
(Promissing) - Drive a car and get paid. No explanation needed here.
(Promissing) - Earn money with Uber by doing deliveries.
Declutter - Sell old stuff.
(Promissing) - Pays you for going into or shopping at stores.
Slidejoy - Get paid to view ads on your mobile phone.
Pact - Earn cash for achieving your fitness goals.
AppTrailers - Earn cash for watching 30 seconds or less of app Trailers.
Gigwalk - Earn money for local gigs, gigs pay $3 - $100.
Clashot - Get paid for taking photos of art, cities, food and more with your phone.
Field Agent - Get paid about $3 - $12 for completing simple jobs such as visiting a local store and taking a picture of a display.
Task Rabbit
(Promissing) - Become a handyman and get paid for it.
Amazon Mechanical Turk
(Promissing) - Make money through Amazon working on HITs.
(Promissing) - Become a personal shopper and get paid for it.
(Promissing) - Become a freelancer for a variety of jobs. Elance merged with Odesk.
WeGoLook - Inspect vehicles or an auction item usally gigs far $20 or so.
Ebates - Site has been around forever. Get cash back to shop your favorite stores.
Google Opinion Rewards
(Promissing) - Just answer quick surveys and earn Google Play Credits.
(Promissing) - Do deliveries and get paid.
Handy - Become a handyman and get paid for your work.
(Promising) - Take care of other people's dogs and get paid.
DogVacay - Take care of other people's dogs and get paid.
OfferUp - Sell your unwanted items to other people.
(Promising) - Deliver packages to customers.
Perk TV - Get paid to watch TV.

*(Promissing) indicator put on companies I feel have a more proven reputation and are larger in size. You usually need a big company backing these ideas or else product will became a race to the bottom. A lot of times that means steady profits and also investors putting new money into the venture. For now I'm just listing names of companies and not links, except may be for the more proven ideas. The worst is when you invest time into something and the company either A) Doesn't have your back (Race to the bottom) or B) Goes out of business.


(As I've experienced it as owner of

Getting paid to surf isn't a new concept on the Internet. During the dot com boom the Internet was rapid with companies promising riches on the web simply by surfing the Internet with an ad toolbar on your screen. Everyone hopped on the band wagon and starting to use and promote these paid for surf or paid to read e-mail programs. Many paid out very well initially, but then eventually the income generated by these programs began to dwindle. Companies once promising 50 cents an hour could only promise pennies. The stock market tanked and eventually all, but only a few paid to surf companies survived. The business model remains to this day, but the demand for these programs isn't as nearly as high as it was at its peek with the collapse of I've seen companies come and go. Many companies that I've promoted on I've generated income with, but have failed to pay me. The ones remaining especially the pay to surf programs marked "editors choice" I feel are the best the Internet has to offer.

Pay to surf programs are evolving on a monthly basis and I vow to continue to post the best companies at the forfront of these new trends. Although only a fraction of the Interest that these programs once generated exists today I still am fascinated by making money from the Internet. For this reason I still operate this web site today.

Where have all the paid to surf programs gone? Is this a faulty business model? It seems they are a dying breed on the Internet. If you disagree with this statement and have suggestions for new programs shoot me an e-mail I'd like to hear from you. I'll even promote your referral link for a week on if I like the program enough to post it.

There seems to be a paid to surf revival on the internet with these paid to surf or auto surf programs. They are basically traffic exchange programs where an advertiser pays money to advertise on the site to their visitors who sign up to view ads. One site called Paid-Surf pays 1% daily to its visitors for 365 days. Paid-Surf is able to pay their members by collecting advertising fees and off site investments. I haven't listed more auto surf traffic exchange programs on because many are scams. Some are ponzi schemes. Many auto surf programs pay out way more to visitors than they could ever hope to earn from advertising revenue or investments hence the reason they are labeled ponzi schemes.

2017 going to start looking around for new paid to surf programs. Get paid to surf is not the most popular industry on the Internet anymore. Most popular model seems to have shifted to get paid to shop programs.

If you would like to suggest a new company for my consideration or link exchange e-mail me: daniel @ I believe and of course I'm just slightly bias that is one of the best paid for surf review directory sites on the Internet. The only problem is isn't #1 yet on all the terms I optimize on and I'd like to change that! If you like my site and you want to improve this site's web rank or improve your paid for surf related web site's ranking I'd like to trade links with you. Please send your link exchange requests to the e-mail above. Also, if you would like to advertise on I'll post your link for $4.99 month. Or if you would like to advertise on any other of my web sites, please contact me.

Other paid to surf resources on the Internet:

If you've searched for anything online in the past few years you probably know is a great resource for all sorts of information. They seem to have researched almost everything known to man. They have even research paid to surf programs and offer a comprehensive list of the top paid to surf programs. Some programs listed on About's page I do not have listed on

A newly busted business model:

I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. I guess they guaranteed a 44% return on your investment in 12 days. Sounds too good to be true? Yes... But that doesn't mean it wasn't immensely popular with the site raising 50 million from more than 300,000 investors. With this kind of money being poured into one web site the authorities got curious and the SEC shut this ponzi scheme down. Read more about here.

Some questions I've been asked:

1) How long have I been receiving checks from various paid to surf companies that I have listed on
Some companies I've been receiving checks for years, some since 1999. Such as: Cashsurfers or Spedia. MyPoints is probally the most legit company I have listed, they are very professional. The paid to read business model tends to be much more profitable than paid to surf.

2) How did I become interested in the "paid to surf" industry?
The Internet in general fascinates me, it creates new business models and opportunities out of thin air. I like to keep up on these trends, such as the "Randomizers" which sprung up around 2004. Some of these randomizers have made their members a lot of money.

Letter to

I just visited your website and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the professionalism! :-)

I've been making money online since 1999 and have been doing PTR for over a year. Only one thing I feel I should tell you... you have two well-known scams listed on your Getpaid4surf page - CashFiesta and Spedia. Both of these will not pay members, they have been scamming people since 1999 (that I know of - perhaps longer) (Just for the record has paid once) Their modus operandi is to let members view the advertising, raking in money for them - then when a member tries to cash out, they're sent an email telling them that they "cheated" and won't be paid. But for some reason... they refuse to explain exactly HOW the member cheated. Do a search on google "cashfiesta scam?" and view the many, many results from people who have been cheated by these theives.


- Thank you Caroline for the information! This above information is one's opinion and is not necessarily the opinion of you should do your own research before signing up for any programs listed on tries its best to pick the best companies for its site, but companies change and go through many different changes. So an organization might be great when I signed up for it years ago, but in the future it might become a dog. I will post any information sent to me on and promote a link of your choice in exchange for the content that I deam relevant to So if you have any information or ideas please send to daniel @

Letter to

The info you give on your site is just great, thanks! The one thing I find a bit frustrating about is being strictly a US/UK program. If were to change into a global program that would be great.


-Thank you Madhu I too wish that all program were global, but this obviously isn't the case. receives many visitors specifically from India and pretty much ever were else around the world. If all programs were to become global overnight would be even more popular than it already is. Listen up all paid to surf business owners make your programs international there's a strong demand for it!

Letter to

Two days back I happened to see your email in a website. I also came to know that you have the best knowledge about genuine paying autosurf websites. I did autosurf with many web sites for the last 5 months, but none of them paid me anything. Some of the web sites already vanished. I am an Indian, retired and I need to make some income to meet my growing expenses. I have spent lot of time in the computer with these web sites for nothing. So I request you to kindly let me know atlest 10 websites of autosurf who will definitely pay me if I work.Your help in this matter will be of great use to me. Simply as a senior person in age, I wish you all the best. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!


-This letter was from a visitor in Bangalore India. Thank you by the way for all the support for from India sometimes it seems I have more international visitors than US visitors. It's nice to know the information I have listed on can be useful to someone. You are not alone with paid to surf companies not paying you I know this all too well. One thing I've found that works is if a company isn't paying you first send them a e-mail, if that doesn't work which it usually doesn't try to find a phone number. Most of the time a phone number won't be listed on their site if it is call their customer service department. It's much easier to get someone to do something if you talk to them in person. If there isn't a phone number on the offending web site search the WHOIS database for the owner of the domain name. In the Google search box type in "WHOIS" then put in the companies domain name. If WHOIS doesn't work for you there is another online resource called just enter the domain name into this web site and you'll usually find the companies contact information here as well. OK, so once you get someone from the company on the line or in your e-mail explain to them that you haven't been paid and more often than not they will send you a check. If you're really serious about getting paid contact the US Better Business Bureau and complain to them about the company. I can't recommend 10 auto surf sites, but I will recommend two. They have paid me on a consistent basis and have had higher payouts than other companies. I don't know if they pay international however. The two companies I'd recommend are and To tell you the truth I'm pretty much done with paid to surf companies that only will pay you if you if you search with an ad bar on the computer screen. I think that this was once the best paid to surf business model, but in my opinion it has become obsolete.

- Blog Notes


Added 01-19-17

Looking at another program to add called Trunited that basically pays you for shopping with them. The more people in their network, the more users will get paid. It's pretty complicated, need to research it more to make sure it works.

Added 03-01-16
We just added Fiverr. Great company, worth checking out.

Added 02-05-06
- Making lots of money in life isn't just about making it, it's about saving what you keep as well. I found a blog that I'd like to share with GP4S visitors called Dual Income No Kids. The blog covers issues regarding making money as well as saving it.

I think the best idea to come out of the get paid for surf business model in a long time is a company called It's a search engine that pays you to use it.

Added 05-22-07
- I new program that I really like and is well run is called This program really is one of the best paid to search, paid to surf programs that I've ever seen. The search engine is very good, the results I'd say are better than or at least on par with ASK. I've already won a $5 gift certificate for through one of my referrals. That's one of the nice things about the program when you're affiliate win you win and there is no limit of how much you can win per month. So yeah, please visit and sign up Winzy is a great search engine and paid to search program. The banner for the program is on the top of this page.

Added 05-24-07
- I was noticing with the new paid to surf programs, the new ones are nothing like the old programs. The old programs always seemed so amateur and you would be lucky to ever see a check from these companies. Now the paid to surf programs look highly professional, the owners look like they meticulously thought out their business models. It seemed back in the old days of the internet just having a web site with a concept was enough to impress someone. Now the internet has matured, its users are much more advanced; it takes a lot more than just a web site to impress the new generation of users. I believe the paradigm has shifted where once the Internet was a trusting community of small grass root type sites to the new paradigm of a corporate internet. If your site doesn't look professional or "corporate" as I call it now matter how good your idea no one will take you seriously. The internet now mirrors the legal and structured real world instead of the subculture it once was. I think it's sad in a way because it shuts out the little guy, I think with any new market (if you look at the Internet as a market) the more in matures the more money factors into the equation to gain exposure and market share. Just some thoughts let me know what you think. I enjoy reading your e-mails!

Added 10-24-07
- Paid to surf as a business model continues despite its frequent setbacks. I noticed that the best programs right now are hands down paid to read programs. I'm actually making decent money with, my favorite paid to read program. In addition I'm really liking a new business model where users are paid to look at a web site for a set amount of time. The newest program added to following this new trend is TitanClicks. I have purchased advertising from this company so when you join part of the money you will be receiving is mine.

Added 12-14-07
- Avoid the paid to surf scams with For the last 7 years this site has been devoted to helping its visitors avoid "get-paid-to..." scams online. Rob sent me an e-mail suggesting this company. Great resource!

Added 01-17-08
I'm doing some updating today January 17th 2008. I've been looking around the Internet lately and I'm realizing that pay-per.....whatever is alive and well. Getting paid on the Internet is different now that just surfing on the Internet with an ad toolbar on your screen. Getting paid online now included uploading videos on sites like and MetaCafe, getting paid to write blog entries at, and getting paid to write comprehensive reviews on companies at For a while I thought paid per.... on the Internet was dead, but I'm now realizing more and more that's it's a stronger more legitimate business model than ever. It's a great time to be living right now. People all over the world can equally benefit from this continuing trend. It no longer matters where one lives. I know this is an old argument, but I think we are only seeing the beginning of this idea. Moving towards a one world economy where everything is connected. If you would like to learn more about this idea I'd recommend a book that I just finished reading called The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas L. Friedman. I'm also interested in the one world economy because I now contract out web development with a company in India. As always I enjoy reading everyone's e-mails and suggestions.

Please visit this site. lists paid for surf sites that have actually paid. It's a rating system for this industry. Check it out!

Added 02-13-08
I've removed the paid to surf programs that are no longer paying off the main home page. If the program is on the home page now I believe in the company.

Added 04-23-08
Top 10 money making blogs!
Daily Blog Tips
Dosh Dosh
John Chow
Entrepreneurs Journey
Strategic Profits
Affiliate Tip
Courtney Tuttle

Added 05-12-08
Getting ranked better on Google!!! I'm really happy about that. I'm glad my web site is finally getting more visitors. I believe my paid to surf site has more current and honest information than any of the other BS paid to surf sites out there. Trust me most of the other paid to surf sites don't have a clue what they are talking about. All they want is a quick referral.

Added 09-10-08
It seems all around the world now, starting in the United States, economies are weakening. I remember back in 2000 when the Internet bubble burst virtually all paid to surf companies went out of business. It will be interesting to see how paid to surf companies weather this new economic storm. The paid to surf genres of web sites is already an anemic industry in which light patches of economic weakness tends to lead to bankruptcy with a quickness. The winds are picking up, how many companies will get blown away?

Added 01-01-14
It's a new year with new paid to surf opportunities. Let's make it the best year yet.

Added 02-18-14
Updated site, new design changes, added coupon code to
Other paid to surf programs: (AVOID)
Once a great paid to surf program now pays pennies, if that. Past checks (Check 1) (Check 2) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED, SCAM) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED, SCAM) (CLOSED, SCAM) (CLOSED)

*New* Cash for e-mail: (AVOID)
Same web site as except a slightly different payment and referral scheme. $5.00 bonus. You will never get paid. (AVOID)
GainPay keeps real time stats of payouts to its members. Payout threshold is only $1. has ten levels of referrals (10%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%) . Do not waste your time with this site. (AVOID)
Pays a $10 sign up bonus. Get paid $0.02 for each advertiser's email that you read from Earn Earn $0.01 for earch e-mail your referral reads. Get paid monthly when your account balance reaches $25. (AVOID)
Get paid to read e-mail, complete offers, refer others, and take surveys. This site deleted our account after 6 months because we didn't log in. We send them referrals almost daily and they deleted our site! What a joke. Customer service said there is nothing to be done. Avoid companies that treat customers like this. (AVOID)
Free membership entitles one to discounts and promotional offers to merchandise, travel, and entertainment. We have not been paid by this site in about a decade. Earning with this site is slow and a waste of time. (AVOID)
This site isn't as good, but it's from the same people that brought you This is a good company. (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED)

Note: I cannot believe how many companies that I posted closed in less than a year. I will look better ones in 2016.

*New* Cash for clicks: (AVOID)
They will SPAM the heck out of you so be warned. The positive side to this is you do get paid to click on their e-mails. I say avoid because they deleted my account for unknown reasons. (AVOID)
$0.003 per link clicked. Money ads up, site shows promise. has been updated to avoid status in 2016 because we logged into our account and our referrals and earnings disappeared. GetPaid4Surf contacted customer service so answer is still pending on the reason for this. We've referred a lot of customers to this site and have not been paid in years.

*New* Cash for referrals: (AVOID)
Get paid to Tweet. (AVOID)
See my February 2008 Check. This is a good company.

Bing Rewards
This is a Microsoft product. They pay and is a top program. (AVOID)
The best thing I like about this program you get $3.00 bonus for every member you refer. One of the best paid to surf companies right now. (AVOID)
Get paid to Tweet.
Get paid to Tweet. Companies want to get their message out with your Twitter account. 100% free. Site stopped generating income when they were co-branded as IZEA/Sponsored Tweets. We've moved them from editor's choice to just average.
Search and receive Swag Bucks for exclusive prizes in the Swag Store. This is my all time favorite program. Yup, they still pay in 2016. The best get paid for for surf site in our opinion. (CLOSED) (SCAM) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED)

*New* Cash for surveys: (AVOID)
Online market research community enabling members to earn cash and prizes for participating in surveys. (AVOID)
Survey Club pays you in cash and prizes by filling out short online surveys. Companies need your opinions to improve their products and services, and in return you get paid for surveys in your spare time.

SurveysPaid (AVOID)
Get cash for taking surveys. Pays more than most survey sites. (AVOID)
Pays between $2-$20 per survey. See actual check from It's been a couple years no surveys and no payment. (CLOSED)

*New* Cash for writing:

You get paid to write and do other jobs. It's your choice. $5.00 per completed contract.

*New* Randomizers:

Note: July 2005 update on randomizer web sites. It seems randomizer web sites such as: PayPalRandomizer although extremely popular among the get paid to surf the web surfers are going offline. For what reasons is anyone's guess. I've already taken down the two most successful programs. These programs are now completely closed down, probably due to the legal issues.

*New* Travel Deals: Top 20 Newsletter. Free to join, shows best travel deals. It's what I use to find travel deals.
One of the best travel sites around. To find the best deals just search all locations and entire year.

*New* Cash for webmasters:
Become an affiliate marketer and put banners up on your web site. When someone clicks through your banner and make a purchase you get paid. I use they pay more than your average affiliate network.
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